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Phoenix Forums is an independent conference producer specialised in the smart grid sector.

We work hand in hand with engineering professionals to create innovative event concepts and high quality programmes that inform technical decision makers and enable them to deliver exceptional results.

Our approach is entirely market led.We stay exceptionally close to industry developments. Through our regular, rigorous and unbiased process of depth interviews with TSOs, DSOs, power generators, engineering consultancies, and technology innovators, we stay one step ahead of industry developments and provide live event platforms that act as a catalyst for new ideas, new directions, and new approaches to achieving future energy security.

"Many people think the investment needed to transform our energy infrastructure and reduce our carbon emissions is a luxury we cannot afford. They are wrong.... waiting for economic recovery, instead of taking decisive action now, will make future challenges far greater. Failure to invest means failure to grow - we all have a stake in this."
Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy
Energy Roadmap 2050
Energy Infrastructure Priorities for 2020 and Beyond
European Smart Grids Technology Platform