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2017 Events

28-30 March 2017
The Netherlands

IT, OT & Telecom Convergence to Deliver the Smart Grid

Audience: Substation Automation, SCADA Systems, Packet Telecoms, and Smart Grid professionals.

Focus: A multi-conference event with dedicated case-study programmes on Smart Substation Implementations, Next Generation SCADA Architectures and Integration, and Packet Telecoms for Utility Networks. Each conference track retains its niche topic focus and content depth, whilst a joint exhibition and networking area enables wider interactions among the entire smart grid technical community.

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6-8 June 2017
The Netherlands

Big Data Analytics to Support the Smart Grid

Audience: Data science, asset management, network planning, network operations professionals.

Focus: this practical programme asses the strategic and technical considerations for effectively identifying, capturing, storing and making sense of the abundance of data that is flooding utility networks, to improve grid operations and network performance. Industry forerunners will share how to leverage data management and analytics to develop situational awareness, predict maintenance and asset lifecycle requirements and enhance grid stability.

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26-28 September 2017
The Netherlands

Multi-Vendor Multi-Edition IEC 61850 Architectures to Support the Smart Grid

Audience: Utility substation automation, protection & control, and telecommunication professionals.

Focus: drawing on end-user experiences with IEC 61850 this programme reviews the application of the evolving standard primarily within the substation domain, but also across the wider smart grid including the power plant, distributed energy resources and the control centre. Application within new and legacy infrastructure is discussed with a focus on the most useful service features such as the process bus, goose messaging, sampled values, MMS and much more. Editions 1 and 2 are compared and the progress towards true multi-vendor interoperability is revealed.

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