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Attendee Testimonials

"A good platform to share experiences, know-how and ideas to get the efforts in the same direction in the energy sector."
Markus Lenzin, Head of Substation Automation Systems - Swissgrid AG
@ SmartSec Europe 2016

"Excellent conference, excellent programme, excellent networking, and a great opportunity to learn and share about cyber security. The most hot topic in the digital transformation of the energy sector."
Aurelio Blanquet, Director, Division of Automation and Telecommunications & Chair EE-ISAC - EDP Distribuição
@ SmartSec Europe 2016

"A great event focused on the energy sector, great networking and collaboration. The attendees are knowledgeable and participate in the subjects discussed."
David Willacy, Global Head Digital Risk and External UK\EU Engagement - National Grid
@ SmartSec Europe 2016

"I feel that IEC 61850 Europe gave me a chance to step away from my daily work routine so I could improve my comprehension of the standard and get an update about projects being undertaken by utilities across Europe."
Mario Javorovic, Head of Process IT - HOPS
@ IEC 61850 Europe 2016

"The conference has really expanded my knowledge of IEC 61850 which will allow me to inform my colleagues and assist our DNO/DSO based approach to outlining our smart network strategy."
Sean Stack, Substation Standard Engineer - UK Power Networks
@ IEC 61850 Europe 2016

"Essential forum to enable free dissemination of industry progress along with the opportunity to feedback information between a diverse group of users/vendors."
Darren Griffin, Lead Engineer, Engineering Design & Standards - SP Energy Networks
@ IEC 61850 Europe 2016

"Excellent forum to meet peers from the DSO scene in Europe for the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices in the field of telecommunications for power distribution grids."
Jürgen Tusch, Head of Telecoms - RWE
at SGTech Europe 2015

"A great opportunity to meet utilities from all over Europe, and to hear about their plans to upgrade their networks to support packet based services. It was interesting to see different migration strategies and how utilities adapted to that. The conference was very well organized. Exactly according to plan. High quality presentations which fully covered the different challenges in the industry."
Børre Jensen, Manager of Network Department - BKK Fibre
at SGTech Europe 2015

"A very worthwhile and valuable event. It was well run and it has allowed me to learn and share my knowledge, and develop networking."
Pedro Gama, Head of SCADA and Telecom Department - EDP Distribuição
at SGTech Europe 2015

“Once again Phoenix Forums presented a high quality conference focused on one of the most important challenges for utilities. An excellent blend of conference, workshops, exhibition and networking, that were forward looking with open discussions participated by all attendees.”
Aurélio Blanquet, Director of Automation - EDP Distribuição
at UtiliNet Europe 2013

“Excellent opportunity to meet and share experiences with a diverse group of 61850 experts from all over the world. The conference was well organised and the content of the presentations of a high quality.”
Tõnis Tajur, Senior SCADA Specialist - Elektrilevi OÜ
at IEC 61850 Europe 2014

"Excellent conference, with very relevant topics, good presentations and possibilities for networking."
Jørgen Fangel Jensen, Manager ICS-Infrastructure - DONG Energy
at SmartSec Europe 2014

“A great place to get to know what goes around in the energy sector, from TSO and DSOs to vendors with future system solutions.”
Stefan Tholen, Analyst NetcalcElia System Operator
at NextGen SCADA Europe 2013

“Phoenix Forums is doing a great job bringing together leading lights from different organisations to share ideas, experiences and provide insights on the way to proceed in substation automation”
Ganesh Kulathu, Product Manager - Distribution Automation Solutions - ABB
at IntelliSub Europe 2013

“It was great to find an event where talks go to actual needs and solutions instead of the sky-high political level often found in smart grid events.”
Samuli Koro, Vice President - SATEL Oy
at IntelliSub Europe 2012

“A great conference to meet 61850 and domain experts in one place, as well as an excellent opportunity for networking and discussing the state and developments of the power automation industry.”
Maik Seewald, Technical Lead - Cisco
at IEC 61850 Europe 2014

"It was refreshing to hear utilities speak so openly about their challenges and lessons learnt"
Jess Everill, CIP Lead - ViaSat UK
at SmartSec Europe 2014